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Far be it for us to toot our own horn...but we'll never complain or so say no if someone else wants to. 


Here are some of the nice things people have written to us over the years.

Heather and Greg Gaudaur

For the past ten years, Alpine Technical Services has been our “go to” source for ongoing computer support.  Over this time, we have acquired new PC systems, printers, a laptop, wireless networking, as well as ongoing RAM upgrades, recovering lost data from a failed hard drive,operating system upgrades and security programs. In all instances, Geoffrey Linn has provided information, experience and expertise.  He has a pleasant personality and an exceptional skillset.  He takes time to determine your needs which ensures he delivers a system that will work for you.  We do not hesitate to recommend Alpine Technical Services as a full service computer company.

Mike and Lorraine Moore

In 2008, we were experiencing difficulty with our PC and were referred to Geoff by a family member.  Since then, Geoff has looked after all our computer needs.  he responds to telephone calls and e-mail requests promptly, arrives on time for service appointments and charges reasonable prices for his work. 


We purchased a new PC and a laptop computer from him and he set them both up for us and showed us the many enhancements and nuances associated with a new operating system.  for several days aftgerward, we came up with questions of the "how do we...?" type and it seemed that we were in a constant diaglogue with Geoff by email.  He always responded quickly, patiently, and with accurate instructions.


We would not hesitate to recommend Geoff's products and services to any of our friends.

Dave Burrows

I have had Geoff at Alpine looking after my IT requirements for many years. He has always been very responsive to my needs, and believe me I am not a computer genius, there are many. 


If he can't come right away he will do the best he can over the phone to get you up and running. 


He is not always there with his hand on your checkbook.  I have even purchased my computer from him and his price is always fair. I have found him to be personally a very nice guy and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and his services to business and private people alike.


Dave, VIP Kitchens and The Concrete Jungle

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