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Do you ever stare at your computer wondering why it's just not working the way is used to?  We all do that... It may not be time for a new computer yet.  Tunes ups, repairs, and even small upgrades can make the world of a difference to your enjoyment of your computer, without hurting the pocketbook.

Do you ever stare at your computer wondering why it's just not doing what you want anymore?  We all do! 

It may not be time for a new computer yet.  Tune ups, repairs, and even small upgrade can make the world of a difference to your enjoyment of your computer, but not hurt the pocketbook


Our Experience


Started way back in 1995, we are a Vancouver Island owned and operated business based in the Harbour City, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.  We proudly call the island home, have raised our families here and are never planning on leaving you for the big city.

Some Of The Benefits You Will Enjoy Include:

  • A computer service company with almost 25 years experience.

  • A free no-obligation discussion about your needs in your home or your business.

  • You will never be surprised by your invoice as we'll talk to you about the cost for any of our services before we work.

  • Your own personal technician who knows your computers.

  • Same day service in your home/office whenever available.

  • Maintenance contracts available for those business who want the safety net without the price tag of hiring new staff.

  • Highest quality software and antivirus solutions.

  • Networking professionals

Heres why you've called on

Alpine Technical Services & Sales since 1995

  • Same day service available

  • We come to you around your schedule and always will

  • Personal service...your technician for you

  • Microsoft Certified Mobile Technicians

  • Free 1 on 1 Phone Support

  • Online support is also available

  • Years and Years of experience

How are we different?


Alpine Technical Services is changing the way you see computer technicians.  We aren't computer geeks, using technical terms and overwhelming you with data and facts that are meant to confuse and scare you.  We talk to our customers as we would like to be spoken to, explaining every detail of our services in common sense english.


But don't get us wrong...we know our stuff!  Our technical team is completely mobile certified through Microsoft and BrainBench certifications.  We are bondable, insured and guarantee all of our work 100%.  As the wont pay us until you are happy with the work completed. 


The people behind Alpine Technical Services & Sales are computer and business sprofessionals that understand computing, and know exactly how important your computer is to you...because they are important to us as well, and you are too!


Ready to contact us?

There are a bunch of different ways to contact us here at

Alpine Technical Services & Sales.

When you are ready to go, click on the little button below.

I'll assure you that we wont be happy unless you are happy!!

The official stuff


We are distributors, suppliers, re-sellers, and retailers of custom built computers, laptops, and components.  We specialize in network installations, computer preventative maintenance, upgrades, and complete computer repairs including hardware, software and network issues.

What that means to you?  Simple...whatever you need, whatever your computer needs dictate, we do it!


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