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*Do you turn your computer on and then go make coffee while you wait for it to load?

*Need help upgrading your software or want to know if you need to?

*Ever had to say "why isn't this $%%^%#%$ working?"

*Given up on your computer because it's a headache?


Check out our repair section or

contact us now to schedule a service call



Laptops are just temperamental computers that need more TLC.  We'll help you out with all your laptop demons and get that guy working for you again instead of working against you.



Laptops...ya...we fix them!



Are you wanting to print from the printer but it's connected to another computer at home?  Want to print that email from your smart phone?  Want to setup a network so you can share files at home or securely and safely in your business?

Networking...ya...we do that!


Are you thinking your tower is possessed or making a noise like it's going to fly away?  That's when we come in and ground your PC.  We've been in the computer industry since 1995 and we know what to do.


Computers...ya...we fix them!

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